About the Bible

At Metro Community Church we believe with great conviction that our Creator God communicates with his people.   One of the ways in which he does this is through his holy scriptures commonly called “The Bible.”  Unlike the holy books from other religions, the Bible was not written by one person over a period of a few years.  Instead, through a process called, divine inspiration, we believe that God himself authored the Bible through people.  There are over 40 authors of The Bible who wrote histories, laws, narratives, poetry, letters, and prophecies.  They were prophets, kings, fisherman, doctors, tentmakers, and more.  These many authors wrote The Bible over a period of about 1500 years.  Yet amazingly it all tells one story, the story of how God created a perfect world that fell into brokenness and imperfection, and how has worked in that world to bring about its restoration.

The Bible tells the story of all people, their fall away from God, and their eventual reconciliation with him.  But it also focuses on a very specific people, the nation called Israel.  It is from out of the nation of Israel that our Bible hero will come, Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus that God will bring about his salvation.  It is a salvation not just for the nation of Israel, and not just for individuals who want go to heaven, but for the entire creation that God made.  Through Jesus, God will set things right, but he does so in the most unusual way.  God set’s his restoration in place not by making Jesus a great King or super hero, but by allowing him to be rejected, hated, killed, but ultimately raised back to life.

The resurrection is the climax of the Bible, but it is not the end, it is a foreshadowing of what is still to come.  The last several books of the Bible show us the movement that Jesus and the resurrection set into motion.  The movement was called The Church, and it was God’s will that The Church would be the vehicle by which His love, peace, healing, and restoration will be brought to all people, until he returns again.

The words of Scripture are powerful, and because we believe that they come from God, we believe that they have authority in our lives.  Sometimes it is difficult to discern what God is teaching to us through the Bible because they are ancient texts.  It is always important to remember that the bible is indeed for us, but it wasn’t written to us.  In other words, one must do a little digging and meditating to best discern how God is speaking.

We hope that this journey through scripture will be enlightening, fun, and life changing.  Expect that it will be, because the words that God speaks are spoken with great power.

Enjoy what he speaks into your life,

Stephen Sharkey, Pastor of Life Ministries

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