About the One-Year Bible

The Challenge is simple, read the Bible, cover to cover, in One Year.

We have chosen to use the traditional One-Year Bible track.  It will not follow events in strict chronological order.  Instead you will read about 4 chapters each day.  This will include readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.  This gives some greater variety to reading each day.  If you purchased the One Year Bible, you will be able to follow the dates at the top of the page for your daily reading. You can also Get Weekly Readings Here.

You will need to Budget about 15-20 minutes of reading time everyday.  I would suggest finding a regular time to do this everyday so that it becomes a habitual part of your daily routine.

A word of caution… If you get behind a day, catch up right away.  Once you start getting too far behind you will get defeated pretty quickly.  That said though, the most important goal is not finishing the whole Bible, but being in God’s word on as often as possible.

Thanks for taking the challenge with us.

Stephen Sharkey, Pastor of Life Ministries

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