Why do you think the serpent didn’t suggest Eve to also take fruit from the tree of life?

The serpent was the enemy of God.  He came to deceive Adam and Eve and ultimately to destroy what God cherished so much.  He lied to Eve so that they would disobey God, and that was the one thing that God told them not to do.

The tree of life is inconsequential to their wills and obedience, and that was what was at stake.

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5 Responses to “Why do you think the serpent didn’t suggest Eve to also take fruit from the tree of life?”

  1. Karen Says:

    I wonder if Satan only tempted Eve with the tree of knowledge because he knew if she ate from the tree of life—all of creation would then live forever in lieu of their knowledge of good and evil? And that would make us wholly spiritual beings—Satan would despise that!!! That would only destroy his plans. Once Eve ate from the tree of knowledge “death” entered the world—allowing Satan to have access to perishing souls. If Eve ate from the tree of life—could it be possible that humandkind would have lived on for eternity in our sin without redemption yet no way for Satan to “kill us” since Eve already sealed our eternity? I think Satan’s scheme of tempting Eve with only the tree of knowledge gave him access—ha ha but he did not know it was also paving the way for our REDEMER. Whoa yaay!

  2. Simon Says:

    in the Title you mean Adam right?

    that being the case, the popular belief was the Eve was already hovering around the Tree and Adam was supposedly with her, but maybe he was talking to another animal at that time. Pretty cool…talking animals.

  3. MetroBibleBlog Says:

    Eve get’s a bad rap here. Genesis 3:6 clearly says that Adam was with Eve, despite the fact that Eve was the one engaged in the conversation. The blame game that Adam and Eve play later in Genesis 3 doesn’t change the fact that the both were responsible for disobeying God.

  4. Evan Says:

    The interesting point that I see is that although Eve ate of the fruit first, God confronted Adam first.

    There is no clear indication that Adam was aware that he was eating the forbidden fruit. Nevertheless, he was responsible.

    I believe that even if Adam did not eat of the fruit, God would still have confronted Adam first and would have still condemned both of them for what was done. After all, Adam and Eve where one.

  5. Bruce Says:

    Nothing profound to add to the discussion. Just want to say thanks for this great blog. It’s well done and I’m certain it is helpful to many.

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